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Standard treatments for alcohol addiction often involve an unpleasant medical detox, cost many thousands of dollars, and involve taking days or even weeks away from home or work. And after all of that, most people fail.

We have a better way. Our treatment is entirely outpatient, at home. The one-time cost is a fraction of the price tag of a residential rehab. And with 15 years of real-world use in Europe, our treatment approach has a 78% success rate.

Wondering whether you or someone you know should seek help? Take an industry standard alcohol assessment test anonymously to detect whether you should take action.

The Science

How it all works

Our treatment coaches the patient through use of medication to block receptors in the brain that, when repeatedly stimulated by alcohol, lay down cravings to drink. Blocking those receptors leads to a gradual unlearning of the behavior. Cravings evaporate, and the patient is free to set their own goals, whether low-risk alcohol use or — the safest and healthiest option — total abstinence.

Getting Started

Treatment can begin immediately. There is no acute detox phase. Patients don’t need to be abstinent to begin the program.

The Sinclair Method

The Sinclair Method refers to using an opioid receptor blocker taken before drinking alcohol. Every time a patient takes in alcohol after the opioid blocker, without the brain receiving a pleasure stimulus, the brain loses more and more interest. Eventually, the cravings fade away. This is pharmacological extinction.

The ContrAl Protocol

The ContrAl Clinic, founded by Dr. Sinclair in the 1990s, uses his insights into opioid blockers to help patients unlearn their drinking habits. The ContrAl protocol uses Sinclair Method dosing, but also adds in sessions with doctors and therapists to coach patients through the process.

Program Highlights

What if there
was a better way?

At ContrAl, we deliver a different kind of treatment than you are used to hearing about.

Treatment duration

The treatment program normally lasts about 4 to 6 months, including 8 outpatient visits to our clinic — or by our clinicians to you in your home.

Regain control

We will help you reach your goal, whether that is abstinence or low-risk alcohol intake.

Medication & counselling

The ContrAl protocol uses a combination of targeted opioid blockers, careful coaching and professional counselling.

78% success

Three quarters of those who undergo the program reach their goals.

Stay at work and home!

You can go about your usual affairs — the only change will be a smooth reduction in alcohol intake and cravings for alcohol.

Scientific, patented & proven

The ContrAl protocol is based on decades of scientific research, the patented Sinclair Method, and 15 years of success in clinical practice  in Europe with thousands of patients.

In the Media

A new approach to alcohol addiction

The ContrAl protocol, based on Sinclair Method use of opioid blockers, is making headlines

One Little Pill

“This stuff works. It is malpractice not to use it!”

The Daily Beast

“[Sinclair’s] method has been tried on thousands of patients in three [ContrAl Clinic] facilities he co-founded in Finland since the late 1990s, and has been shown to reduce drinking to normal levels in 78 percent of patients”

The Atlantic

“Sinclair theorized that if you could stop the endorphins from reaching their target, the brain’s opiate receptors, you could gradually weaken the synapses, and the cravings would subside. … Sinclair began working with [ContrAl Clinic] clinicians in Finland. … Numerous clinical trials have confirmed that the method is effective …”


“If you tell your doctor you’d like to stop drinking, odds are he’s not going to give you a pill. That’s too bad, a study says, because there are medications that can help…”

Claudia Christian TED Talk

“How I drank more to overcome alcoholism.”

The Cure for Alcoholism

“Dozens of clinical trials prove that the Sinclair Method cures alcohol addiction. Success rates in clinics are 78 percent or higher. By contrast, current rehabilitation methods yield success rates of around 10-15 percent, according to the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) and the World Health Organization (WHO) …”

ContrAl Clinics of New England

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